Stop calling me Bro.


Just stop it and I’ll give you a cookie alright?

Fuck, seriously, it is so annoying to speak to someone and one of the first words out of their mouth is “What’s happening BRO”, like I’m not your brother? I don’t even know you.

People who will defend this bullshit will tell you that it’s “all in good fun, harmless, just a thing we say”. Funnily enough those are the same kinds of people who will tell you that everything you say matters cause it impacts your psyche, in order to stop you from say… swearing at them when they call you bro?

And that’s another thing, “mind your manners”, Or “don’t swear”, “no swearing please”. FUCK OFF. It’s just a word and it expresses how I feel. What are you? My mum. Stop giving words so much power over you. “Oh he said fuck, so offensive! I’m triggered right now!” says the alt-right while they drink their coffee from a take-away sales cup.

Who told you that it was bad to swear? I read articles everywhere that say more intelligent people swear and fuck yeah we do. But that’s not it, more “intelligent” people are just in tough with themselves. See there was this push in the early to late nineties to make “smart” kids, well, unfortunately, you can’t “make” smart kids, you just have to let them be.

Just because someone’s a truck driver doesn’t mean they’re not smart. Maybe that’s just their experience. You always need something to prove your worth in this world, whether it be your intelligence or your income… I’ve been thinking about the sharing economy. Isn’t it ridiculous that you call it that? You’re not sharing anything. It’s a fucking economy. You’re paying for shit. People propose that this makes the world better but fuck, it doesn’t. It’s driving up house prices in every cpaital city in the world making affordable living more innaccesible to people on the bottom level all in the name of “sharing”.

The real people who need to “shared” with are the ones who have nothing. But unfortunately that rarely ever happens because you need to *have* something before you can *share* it. So if I don’t have anything to *share* then I’m not worth *having* something from you either. And that’s just ridiculous.

So we subjugate the masses because we’re all too afraid to tell people that we’re poor. Why is it such a fear that you have no money? It seems that in America almost noone has money and they’re fine. But here we have savings up our rear-end and ten bank accounts full of unused funds wasting away at the sight of your credit card and you can’t even spare ten bucks for that guy on the street?

That’s another story though, I don’t give money to people on the street because I don’t feel sorry for them. I don’t show them pity so that they know they’re worthy of love and affection and that they don’t have to beg for it. If we lived in a kinder world, people would just give their stuff because they would realise those things are coming back around again?

Seriously, we have too much shit. And this is why I hate being called Bro because it symbolises a relationship that we do not have! Do you think we can be friends because you are my financial or societa equal? I doubt it. You are stupid, and I’m tired of people trying to manipulate me. And that is manipulation! Telling me I feel like a brother to you when I don’t even know you make me feel guilty for thinking less of you! It’s a trick! Indecent and exploitative behaviour that needs to be quashed. I’m done with it. No more Bro and no more taking people for advantage just because they don’t exist on the same “plane” as me, whatever that plane may be.

Thank you for listening,

Joshua Thompson.


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