Hitting on Girls

I never used to get it. I would think “of course guys are gonna hit on girls?” like “don’t girls love that shit?” and no, they don’t. I can see now what would be frustrating about a girl always getting hit on by every guy she meets, especially if she’s just trying to make a connection.

I was just witness to a very similar event. And I analysed my own interactions with a girl based on the interactions I saw of a guy with the same girl. And there is so much miscommunication it’s ridiculous. The girl ends up just being “nice” and when the dude sees that the girl doesn’t want to put out, they think she’s stupid or a prude and immediately lose interest.

Hate loses power quickly and that’s where lust comes from, it comes from hate. It doesn’t come from a place of understanding or Love.  We love to touch each other’s bodies, sure, but is that of curiosity or because you want to “eat” someone. It can be both? (When I say “eat”, I’m talking about “lustful desire” but to me, lust is like the urge to eat, the urge to quench undying thirst). And I mean, I think that’s what Greed is, it’s taking something for the sake of having it.

Our bodies want things, they want food, they want objects. They think that if they can get all this stuff then they’ll be happy. But we all know that’s not true, satisfied maybe, but we can find true satisfaction by listening to our “true self” by listening to our “heart”. See the body will eat 10 thousand hamburgers and be happy with that, but the spirit never will be. That’s why we have to keep eating burger after burger in order to satisfy ourselves. It’s “accumulation” of things, our body understands that it needs to “accumulate” stuff in order to be happy, so it needs more and more every time. However, we know better.

We know that we’ll suffer if we eat ten thousand burgers. We know that we’ll suffer if we let men take advantage of us. And I do mean men, because I’m not sure if a woman could take advantage of a man sexually if she wanted to.  But I’m open to persuasion on that point. But the body lusts after sex, and it lusts after food in much the same way. In fact, I think these desires are one in the same, the desire to consume.

So how can you want to consume someone and have it be love and kindness? You can’t. In fact, you’re doing that person quite an injustice because you’re not even treating them like a human. You’re treating them like and object, like food that needs to devoured.

Hate loses power quickly, it loses motivation and it’s gone in a flash. Ever heard that phrase “lost in a moment of passion”, you were ravenous for a second and now you feel guilty and hateful. You don’t need to feel guilty but you definitely feel much better if you don’t lust after people like they’re objects. Here’s me looking at you men!

So let me just say for the record that the desire to fuck everything that moves men is not “natural”. Usually guys only do this to be cool in front of their friends. If they get to “fuck” then they’ve achieved something. But really you haven’t, you haven’t achieved anything. You’ve just left yourself feeling sad lonely and desperate.

I hate it when people invite me somewhere out of loneliness. I’m not lonely! Leave me alone! I like sitting at home with my cats (I don’t have cats!) and reading a book! (I love books. But I also love TV). You’re just inviting me because you feel lonely! Blurgh! Bleh! Blah!

But that’s another story entirely,

Thanks for listening.

And stop hitting on girls!

Peace Out!

Sullivan Skandi


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