Dear Men and Boys

It’s not natural to masturbate all the time. If you masturbate constantly then chances are that you have been abused.

Our cultural obsession with pornography is no the problem, it is what drives the obsession.

Before I realised that I had been abused I used to masturbate constantly. Every single night, before I went to bed, almost without a doubt I would masturbate. And when I would stop myself from masturbating, I would feel worse.

See, I thought that my dreams were reality, or maybe it was that reality was my dreams? No, I believed I was gay because I contantly had thought about having sex with my father. They were pervasive, and after seeing a psychologist for about a year or so, I thought they had gone away. But slowly they came back in full force.

The problem with our culture is that nobody talks about sex. Sex is taboo. People now talk about blow jobs like they’re candy. It’s funny because I remember reading in Foucault’s (?) novel on gender and sexuality that we had become subversive of our own subjugation.

That is to say, that while subjugating ourselves and our sexuality we seek to be free from it. Let’s be honest, blow jobs and things aren’t natural. Are they a part of the natural human experience? I don’t know, I’m not a scientist. All I know is that penises were designed to go in Vagina’s. And I hear the masses cry “But the g-spot is in the anus!”.

The g-spot is a cultural myth designed to make you think that you’re gay, I’m sure of it. From narcissists who like to fuck little boys. Little teenage boys. And the world cries: Homo’s aren’t peadophiles! I never said that…

The two are culturally interlinked. The gay and the peadophilic (or the hebophilic) are intertwined in a way that is unrecognisable. They are indistinguishable because both are about controlling another.

Gay men don’t love each other. The idealistic gay man who acts straight but loves dudes, but doesn’t bring his boyfriend around unless they’re married DOES NOT EXIST. And it’s funny that people keep trying to make it exist. The media, movies, everything. Anyone who makes a film about being gay has never actually been to a pride parade, it is hell for anyone who isn’t in it.

Gay men are narcissistic to a fault. There is no one more obsessed with self-image than the homosexual. And that includes women. Because women are obsessed with the masculine ideal just as much as gay men are.

You know how to get hits on Grindr? Pretend you’re a straight man. Sure, there are gay men out there desperately looking for love, desperately looking for “the one”. The one’s that feel they have no value without a man, like a trophy wife.

Then there are the gay guys who seems like they have everything. Who just fuck and get fucked and love to suck cock and eat ass, have a great job and a great apartment. But where are these men? They don’t exist. They’re a weird idealised version of some kind of cultural malaise. They are the new “Bachelor”.

You know, the self-obsessed male who lives on his own in a one bedroom?

They’re no longer after women, now they love men. Because to love men makes them special. “I’m gay, notice me!” and it’s funny because nobody says it, but gay men are the most attention whorish of them all. They think that they’re so wonderful, they’re on the brink of cultural evolution! Well we folks, are on the brink of cultural destruction. History deems to repeat itself and it certainly already has, and because we know nothing of history, we are doomed to repeat it’s mistakes.


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