The Myers-Briggs

The Myers-Briggs test is a realy destructive thing in our society. Not only does it indicate that people’s personalities are “fixed” it also indicates that we can’t change or do well under different kinds of situations.

Vox video on the Myers-Briggs

It’s a spectrum apparently, Introversion versus Extroversion but the idea of “Introversion” is inherently flawed. It’s just another label to understand how people interact, one that’s “binary” and uninfluential but somehow pervasive. This is pop-psychology. And I mean the thing is that psychology is complicated, but it’s not something that can be understand by crunching numbers or understanding physics.

Humans have feelings and our feelings play into how we will interact in EVERY situation, perhaps not in our choices but definitely our interactions. Even saying “I don’t care” is as potent as sucking “I fucking hate it”.

An intuitive person can understand what someone is actually saying, from their tone, their eyesight and just their all around demeanour. But many of us are blocked by trauma and emotional stunting, handed down by our parents or superiors. We can break free of that, as I’ve discussed in other posts…

But what is the Myers-Briggs? It’s a test that employers use to define their employees by a rigid standard. Now people might say “But sixteen is a lot” (that’s how many types exist) but truly the types aren’t all that different. If you’ve ever taken the test, you’ll know how wonderful and individualistic you are. See that’s the problem with this test, it’s makes everyone sound special.

That’s the problem with our culture, we’re always looking for a way to explain our behaviour. But if we learned to not explain ourselves, not apologise for our actions and just sit with the guilt and frustration that comes with living life we would come to see that this world is not for us. It’s built to work against us.

I think it’s hilarious that organisations use personality tests when they themseles have no psychological training, and also no psychological involvement in their own trauma and baggage. But that’s the problem, people don’t know how other people work! Don’t you think as human we would have the best understanding of ourselves? It’s true, our autonomy has been taken away.

Our sense of knowing things that others don’t! Our sense of well-being, of taking risks and when to hold back. We each know what the “correct” choice is, so why don’t we listen?

Some crummy test isn’t going to help employers be better, it’s not going to help anyone.

I used to get so obsessed by the idea, with my “type”. First I was an ENFP, then I was an INFJ. Can you believe how excited I was to be an introvert? It finally explained all my flaws, all my awkwardness in situations! Well perhaps I just didn’t want to be there… perhaps I didn’t want to flirt or “try and make friends”, perhaps I just wanted to be ‘myself’.

My explorative and loving self!



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